Our Ingredients

Our primary base ingredient in all of our products is organic, grass-fed beef tallow.  Here's just a few reasons why.

  • VITAMINS: Tallow (especially grass-fed which is what we use at ReBirth) is full of the vitamins your skin needs to be nourished.  Vitamins A, D, K and E are the primary vitamins in tallow.
  • CELLULAR HEALTH: Our cells are made up of mostly fatty acids. Cow's fat is closely related to the makeup of our fat and therefore will add to health and repair of damaged cells on our skin.
  • NO CHEMICALS NEEDED: Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is absorbed into our bodies.  Most lotions on the shelf are filled with toxic chemicals.  Tallow offers moisture that is unparalleled to chemicals and synthetic lotions; au naturale!

Shea butter is our next ingredient.  The shea butter we use is unrefined and organic.  We use unrefined shea butter because when it's refined it loses a lot of the moisturizing and skin care vitamins and minerals.  

Next is our jojoba oil.  Our jojoba oil is organic, cold-pressed and we use a smidge per batch.  Jojoba oil is a carrier oil and helps the skin absorb all the essential skin nutrients from the tallow and butter. 

Finally, we have our organic essential oils.  This is purely for scent and there are some benefits to these oils.  Such as, clarity of mind when breathing in Cleary sage, relaxation when using our butters with lavender, feeling more energy when using a butter with lemon or peppermint and so on.  

These are the only ingredients in our butters.  There is no water, no fragrance and not toxins of any kind. 

Our candles are strictly tallow and essential oil.