About Us

ReBirth Body Butters was created to help protect skin using only the highest quality ingredients and the least number of ingredients.  I made this butter for my husband and I to use but as I began telling friends and family about it, they wanted to try it and so was born this company.

As I started writing out my business plan and realizing how important certain Christian fundamentals were for me, I wanted to incorporate some of that into this business.  After much prayer and meditation with God, I felt very called to support the pro-life christian pregnancy centers across America.  As we continue to see the abortion industry make it easier than ever to kill innocent babies, it was vital to me and quite clear, that we participate in educating women on what this actually means to not only the baby, but to them.  So, 10% of our sales is donated to companies like PreBorn and small christian pregnancy centers around the country.  

Every time you buy a butter or candle, you are helping save lives.  I hope this warms your heart as much as it does ours.  

Thank you for being a part of our journey.